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"We take care of your worries and give you a safe feeling. A reliable partner on location is a necessity. We could be that partner."
Ingrid Kainz
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Organisation & safety

Safety has a top priority for us. For this reason we take care of your property during your absence. Especially in Mallorca it is a great advantage to have a trustworthy person on site who is responsible for your property.

Furthermore, we ensure appropriate maintenance and repair, carry out conversion work incurred and oversee the work or supply the complete interior furnishing for your property.

If you don’t have the time or don’t feel like doing everything on your own, we take on all those tasks.

So there’s nothing to prevent you from a relaxing stay if you leave the annoying little things concerning your property in our hands!

'Caretaker service' for your house

We take care of your property. In addition to the points already mentioned, we also offer a “caretaker service” and continually take care of your property. 
Our main activities are:

  • Gardening work
  • Property cleaning
  • Monitoring
  • Post collection
  • Repair and maintenance

real Estate concepts

One of our core tasks is to develop and implement real estate concepts tailor-made for you. No matter wheter you bought or inherited the house, or you don’t have the time to take care of your house, we develop a concept which is specially tailored to your individual needs. As a result, it is easier for you to let or sell your house – just as you wish!

After years of experience, we can inform you about the investments you should make in order to be able to offer your house for long-term or short-term rental or for sale.

We make recommendations concerning renovation, rehabilitation or supervision of your house to facilitate your decision making.

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